My name is Julija and I come from a beautiful country by the name of Macedonia. Here’s some quick geography- it is located in Eastern Europe. I work and study in the country’s capital, Skopje. I am an English Language and Literature major by diploma and a Sales Manager by contract.

In my free time, which I try to make more of, I love to write. I can literally write about anything. My inspiration for writing has mainly been reading. As a child, I would shut the door, cover myself up with a blanket and engage in reading for hours at a time. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to read as much anymore. Instead, I write. I write about the wonders of the world, the human brain and how it interacts with the outside world, people’s emotions and behavior to certain events and activities.

Now, I know you want the catch. Admit it! You’ve been reading through here as quick as possible, trying to find my exact purpose for starting this blog. I have one, don’t worry! As a very empathetic person, I usually pick up people’s feelings a lot faster than my own. What does this mean? That I love to help people analyze themselves, their every move, their decision-making process and of course, their behavior.

My goal is to use myself as your “puppet”, if you will, to try and depict how everyday events influence our decisions and why we do the things we do. I am a huge optimist, so most of my world is made of shades of pink. Do I lose touch with reality at times? Yes, of course! Don’t you? But that’s the best part, creating your very own reality.

Follow up as we embark on an amazing new journey through the captivating thing we call “life”. Welcome aboard! Life is beautiful!