Go ahead, grow.

There comes a time in life when we finally realize that not everything is what it seems and you won’t always get what you want or deserve. I have been in this tooth and nail trying to get my way to the top. However sometimes life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes we don’t get to have the story we once imagined for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn out a lot better than we ever thought possible.

Out of the many stories I have for myself, this one seems to hit the ball park. Being forced out of your old life, or as we like to call it, comfort zone is the least comfortable thing you can go through. Before my Dad was deported and forced out of New Jersey, it was a very critical time for me. I had been receiving scholarship letters from universities all over the world welcoming me to their campuses. Due to my proven track record of excellence, I had been one of the very few chosen to receive a full scholarship. All was well and great, if you forgot the fact that I was an illegal alien and none of this was really for me. These letters did nothing for me, as I could not accept any of the offers. And then the deportation came, so it all went down the drain anyway.

My pity story aside, this the most beneficial experience I had while experiencing growth. It hurt then and it hurts now, of course. But that didn’t stop me then and it won’t now. It made me realize that you cannot always control the way life will create its twists and turns for you. You can only do your best, hope for the best and be the best. It will rarely be easy and winning may sometimes seem impossible, but the only way to lose is to quit trying.

Therefore, without things changing for the better, no matter how hard they may seem, you will never grow. Staying the same for a certain amount of time will take its toll on you. Change is essential to growth. And if you never grow, then what’s the point of doing anything at all?

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