I fall in love every single day.



Listening to “Friday I’m in love” and sipping my red wine, I got to thinking about love. Was love really what they described in the romantic novels, or was it as sad as it was displayed in the movies? Was love something we did, or was it something we felt? Can it happen only once, or can we fall in love multiple times? As I tug on my heart strings and think about this noun we call love, I can’t help but smile. I feel like you can fall in love every single day with new people. I feel like we should not be limiting ourselves to only one person. I personally feel like I have enough love for everyone, literally.

I can honestly say that I fall in love every day with someone or something. When you start to care about it more than you should, you can bet it’s love. A lot of people think you have to know someone for a longer period of time to be able to say you love them. But I beg to differ. My personal experiences show that I can fall in love with someone easily after they have touched a part of me that melts. It may sound shallow, or just plain dumb, but it’s true. I am the type of person that gives everyone an equal chance from the get-go, no matter the circumstances. This is probably the reason why I am easily hurt, but I do it anyway. I feel there is already too much hate and rivalry in the world for me to be mean or cruel to people.

I often get scolded for being so naive and letting people in after knowing them for a short period of time. But I believe everyone has some good in them, no matter what. That woman that just yelled at the cashier for being so slow? Well, she’s late to her daughter’s recital. And that man that just swore to the bus driver? Well, he can’t afford cab fair, and the bus driver never stopped, so you get his point. People are who they are for a reason. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t love them anyway. I care too much, so what? Many people think this is a down fall. I feel like it’s a blessing. Some people don’t care enough. Should they be judged for it?

After reading endless novels and articles in magazines, and after countless hours of coffees and conversations on love affairs and such, I have come to a conclusion. Everyone is deserving of love. Period. Just because someone doesn’t fulfill our ridiculous checklist of “lovable characteristics” doesn’t necessarily mean they are unlovable. Who needs a checklist anyway? It’s society that needs the checking, because we are in a daily battle with the absurd expectations to meet some stupid standards set by someone just like us. Who qualified them as relevant for these things, anyway? In my adult life, I have come to realize that people are not something to be measured by certain standards. Women are expected to be strict when choosing a life partner, or a partner in general and I think it’s insane.

I feel like love should be something we celebrate on a daily basis. We can fall in love with our best friend, our neighbor, the new cute purse we just purchased, the stunning night gown hanging in our closet and the delicious red wine I am currently sipping. We should learn to love more things and stop thinking too much into them, trying to mold them into something we want and expect them to be. We should celebrate life and the wonders it entails. We should drink wine more often, forget why we were upset before we opened the bottle, let go of the bullshit we have been stressing about, forgive the sorries we never got and move the hell on. Love is something to be celebrated, every day, without exceptions.

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